All Church Activities to Resume Sunday, September 20th

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Dear Friends,

I am thankful to report that none of  the other deacons nor I have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms whatsoever. The one deacon has been cleared from his employer mandated 10 day quarantine. He is planning to return to work on Monday morning! We praise the Lord for His protection!

We are planning to resume all of our normal church activities this Sunday, September 20, 2020.

As we resume gathering as a church this Sunday, I want to assure you that we are still following all the guidelines that we have been given by the CDC and the Virginia Health Department. I have talked with the Lynchburg Health Department and I have read, and reread, a number of CDC documents that cover our situation. The Deacons and I have talked about this situation extensively.

During our Deacon’s meeting last Tuesday the 8th, all of our Deacons remained at least 6 feet away from the one individual and do not fall under the CDC’s concern for exposure.

I alone was closer than 6 feet to that individual. I admit to you that it was negligent on my part to not pay closer attention to the necessary social distance. Please believe me that I am very sorry that this has caused concern within our church and caused our church to miss a week of fellowship.

The CDC and Virginia Health Dept. do make an allowance for persons necessary for the operation of a business or organization to return to their work, if extra precautions are taken:

“People with certain jobs (e.g., critical infrastructure workers other than education sector workers) may be allowed to go to work after being exposed to COVID-19 if the business cannot operate without them. They can only go to work if they do not have any symptoms and if additional precautions are taken to protect them and the community.”

Therefore, this Sunday I will avoid direct interaction of less than 10 feet. I am not going to stand at the door after the service or engage in close personal conversation.

The Deacons and I believe we should not miss meeting together for a second week in a row, when we do have the freedom under the guidelines to do so and when potential exposure can be so easily avoided. We need the opportunity to meet and fellowship and encourage each other this week!

If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to give me or any of our Deacons a call.

Confidently Trusting Him,

Chad Brady

North Bedford Baptist Church

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