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Saturday, October 12 – Friday, October 18, 2013

Saturday – October 19, 2013

Dear Friends, we are home!

Thanks so much for your prayers while we were in the Dominican Republic. We look forward to sharing much with you tomorrow about our trip and how our great God has used it and continues to use it.

I am sorry that the pictures I tried to add to the gallery on my last post didn’t load properly and were not viewable. I have reloaded those photos and a few more from the very end of our trip. Please check them out on the gallery under the Missions tab.

To Him be the glory!


Thursday – October 17, 2013

Hello again from Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic! What a great week we have had!

Yesterday we visited two different villages tucked away in the sugar cane fields. The first, Monte Cristo in the morning and  the second Aleman, in the afternoon. At both we were able to play with a lot of children and share the gospel with them through the colors of the wordless book and face painting.

Today we went back to the Santo Domingo with Pastor Wilfrid. We spent the whole day in the barrio of Jamaica. It is especially insightful to visit a particular village with someone, like Wilfrid, who has a long term, consistent ministry to the village and relationship with the people. We were able to meet many of the residents and pray with and for them. We played games with many of the children and again shared the gospel through the colors of the wordless book and face painting.

It is difficult to describe here all that the Lord has shown us and done in and through us. However, we look forward to sharing in person with our church family.

We leave the Dominican Republic tomorrow around 1:15pm and will arrive in Richmond at 11:44pm and drive back to Lynchburg from there. Please pray for safe travels tomorrow!

I’ve posted some new pictures on the gallery under the Missions tab. These new pictures are from yesterday and today’s ministry.

– Chad

Tuesday – October 15, 2013

Dear Friends, Greetings from the Dominican Republic! After having difficulty obtaining an internet connection – we’re now online and we can post updates as we are available directly.

Thanks to Shirley and Teresa who have been posting updates via phone calls and text messages up to now!

Thanks so much for your prayers. Our Great God gave us beautiful weather today despite a dismal forecast. We spent the day in Santo Domingo with Pastor Wilfrid Brunache and had great fun playing in a neighborhood with over 100 children and teenagers that came to join us. Many friendships were made. At the end of the afternoon, after sitting down to a needed water break, Erica and Brittany shared their testimony (which was fantastic and well received) and I shared the hope we have in Jesus from the story of Jesus calming the water in Mark 6.

Please continue to pray for the work that the Lord is doing here in these children’s hearts, in this neighborhood through Pastor Wilfrid and in our hearts.

I have posted a picture gallery. You can view that gallery by going to the Ministries tab at the top of the page and holding the cursor on the Missions page!

– Chad

Here’s a link showing pictures of the SCORE International Complex in Juan Dolio where our team members are staying: Juan Dolio


Monday – October 14, 2013

Our team traveled to Santo Domingo in the morning to meet with Pastor Wilfredo and prayer walk through the neighborhoods close to Pastor Wilfredo’s church.  It rained all morning – until they began the prayer walk.  Then the Lord held off the rain during that time.  Once the prayer walk ended, the rain then resumed.

The team interacted with approximately 50 children in the afternoon at Pastor Wilfredo’s church.  They played lots of games, face painted as they told the story of the gospel using “wordless books” and danced together. Word has it that Erica and Brittany are great dance instructors!

The Lord has perfectly provided so many resources!  Many of our church family contributed items to share with those our team would meet during the week. The baseball equipment donated (bats, balls, hats, etc.) was just enough to outfit a little league team that Pastor Wilfredo wanted to start at the orphanage in Jamaica!!!

Pastor Chad and the other team members ask that you pray that the weather will cooperate for the remainder of the week. Many outdoor activities are planned and there is at least a 40% plus chance of rain each day for the rest of the week!

All team members are doing well.  Everyone’s energy levels are good – all are excited about seeing the Lord work through them this week.

The team plans to participate in Pastor Wilfredo’s church youth activities tomorrow.  There will be youth age students attending this event.  At this time, Brittany and Erica will be giving their testimony.  Please pray for them as they share what the Lord has done in their lives with these young people.

Many pictures have been taken and Pastor Chad believes that they will be posted while they have their layover in Atlanta on Friday afternoon.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday – October 13, 2013

The team went to worship at a SCORE International church plant on Sunday morning. After lunch, they visited the Lily House which is a home for women and their children.  The organization teaches the women skills so that they can provide for themselves and their family. The team later made preparations for Monday’s events and held group devotions at the Juan Dolio SCORE complex.

The Team has arrived safely in the Dominican Republic!!  

After a hectic flight, everyone arrived safely, and their luggage has arrived as well!!  They plan to attend the Spanish church service in the morning.   The internet connection is not working well, Chad will try to post pictures if possible throughout the week.  Stay tuned here, updates will be posted!

Please pray: “You also, joining in, helping us through your prayers…” 2 Corinthians 1:11

Here is the schedule of our week:


Arrive at 12:16pm

Room Assignments & Orientation

Group Devotions


Worship Service at SCORE Church Plant in Juan Dolio

Afternoon Free time

Group Devotions

Monday & Tuesday

In Santo Domingo with Pastor Wilfrido Brunache

Prayer Walking in the morning

Recreation outreach & evangelism with children in the afternoon

Group Devotions at night

Wednesday & Thursday

Village Ministry in rural areas

Recreation outreach & evangelism with children

Group Devotions at night


Leave for home at 1:15

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