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Where do I turn for the information I need, and a source I can trust?

With so much information available online, when we look for things like news from a Biblical worldview, or the answer to our child’s questions about science, or direction to think about cultural issues from a Biblically faithful perspective, where can I go?

Are there resources available that offer God-honoring perspectives that help me think through the issues that my family faces?

The answer to this last question is: YES! And in this post, I’d like to offer you some links to valuable resources online to help with all of these and more. All of these sources I go to on a regular basis and I have found them to be of great personal worth. I hope you will check them out and find them to be as valuable as I have.

In this dark world, there is yet bright light shining! Here are a few of those lights that we can turn to!

NEWS FROM A CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW – World News Group offers news from a conservative Christian worldview in a variety of formats. In addition to their online content, they offer a bi-weekly print magazine called “World,” news magazines for children in different age brackets in both print and online, as well as a daily, 30 minute news podcast that’s called “The World and Everything In It.” The print magazine and podcasts are only available to members, but an online membership is not expensive. I listen to The World and Everything In It almost every morning driving to work. – Al Mohler is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and one of our most widely respected leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention. On his website he offers articles that relate to relevant cultural issues from a Biblical Worldview. However, I have found his most valuable resource is the daily podcast call “The Briefing.” The Briefing is a daily, 20 minute analysis of headline news from a solidly Biblical perspective. I listen to this podcast almost daily.

ENGAGING THE CULTURE – This is the website of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is an enormous vault of articles from a sound, Biblical worldview on almost any topic that you might want to research. – This is the website of Summit Ministries.  “Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry whose very existence is a response to our current post-Christian culture.” They produce camps, seminars, articles, podcasts – all intended to educate and prepare Christians to hold firmly to our faith in a culture that is totally against it. The resources on this website include a topical search that includes many current cultural issues.

CREATION / EVOLUTION DEBATE – founded and led by Dr. Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis provide solid content that supports the literal, 7-day creation account found int the book of Genesis. In addition to their online content AIG, produces a variety of videos and a monthly magazine that is well worth the investment. – Institute for Creation Research. Another website packed full of information and scientific evidence that supports the literal, 7-day account in God’s Word.

FAMILY ROLES / ISSUES – Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. This website and its parent organization, is a little known gem among evangelicals. There are articles here that are of rare worth, when it comes to tackling issues that involve husband-wife relations, parenting issues, work-family priority issues. The focus on Biblical wisdom and living out the gospel through our families makes this website a treasure-trove of wisdom.

BIBLE STUDY – This ministry was founded and is lead by Dr. John Piper, retired pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a wealth of resources on this site, but in particular his posts title: “Look At The Book,” is a how-to-study-the-Bible tutorial. He very carefully and methodically demonstrates, using very powerful texts, how to walk through a passage and apply its meaning on your own. & – Both of these websites are run by youversion. There are a multitude of different translations of the scripture available for free either on your computer or as on app on your smartphone or tablet. – This website is the home of the New English Translation (NET Bible). This translation was produced mainly by Dallas Theological Seminary professors because they wanted to be able to offer a modern translation online for free. The NET Bible has the most study notes of any other study Bible. They are also free on the website. In addition to the NET Bible, the site hosts a whole library of sound Bible Study resources. The link to their Bible Study tool, “Lumina,” is very valuable as an online Bible Study aid.


I hope some of these resources can be helpful to you.

Check them out!

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