Fall Sunday School Bible Study

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This fall our Sunday School will begin an adventure!  The planned study structure will support Bible orientated family conversation.  Our  study will be a book-by-book Bible study for classes of all ages that takes participants deep into the truth of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own life. From toddlers to adults, the curriculum presents a rich, age-appropriate study experience that pursues biblical truth through:

  • Scripture based study plan
  • Archaeological and historical background
  • In-depth Bible commentary
  • “Context passage” that reveals larger biblical context
  • Engaging group discussion questions for every book of the Bible


Each lesson will challenge participants to live out biblical truths in their own life through:

  • Clear application points in each session
  • Shared memory verse for groups and families in each session
  • Study structure that encourages family Bible orientated conversation


We invite and encourage you to come join us as we begin this exciting adventure.

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